Wednesday, May 19, 2010

It's not a drying station

So, springs rains have finally come to Baton Rouge. There have been some gully washers over the past few days. Since I have dogs, I have to deal with the wet canine situation. And not just wet, but soaked, because of course, they can't wait for the rain to die down before insisting they need to go out to potty. I keep towels by all the doors and try to get the worst of the wet off as we come in.

Kip likes to get a quick pat down before hopping on the dog futon and rolling around. I keep a quilt on futon for ease of dog hair management. I can't seem to explain to Kip that it's not a drying station.

Tycho, on the other hand, loves a brisk rub down. Her trick is to then rub up against my jeans to complete her drying off.

They keep me amused.